Hair Trend – Hair Chalk

ImageYes you read that right, I said er wrote hair chalk! Now I know what your thinking, I had the exact same thought when I first heard it too….what the heck is hair chalk? Hair chalk is actually a great alternative for girls who want to add a little color to their hair but don’t necessarily want to go through the hassle of bleaching, dying and the fading of dying their hair or the girls who are a little nervous about the commitment of dying.

They come in a range full of colors and are really easy to apply:

  1. First pick the color you’d like to apply. Colorsmash has a great range of colors to choose from including; Tango Mango, Snowflake, A True Royal, So Jaded and Party Pink, you can purchase them at any Sephora and cost roughly about $15.00
  2. Grab a section of your hair, (doesn’t necessarily have to be clean, it will still work on dirty) then rub chalk into the desired section
  3. Set it with hair spray, flat iron or curler

And you are done! A simple, easy and mess free way to add some color into your hair without having the commitment of permanently dying it. Removing it is even easier, simply wash your hair and then do all over again!


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