Does Target Hit It’s Mark? (Target Review)

ImageI had seen the Target commercials all the time on American networks and perhaps I was easily persuaded by their advertising but I’ll admit it seemed like a good place to shop. Their clothes seemed cute and something I could see myself wearing. Through in the fact that they do a lot designer collaborations; Prabal Gurung, Neiman Marcus, Jason Wu and Missoni, and I was excited to hear that Target would be coming to Canada.

Target at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga opened its doors at 8am on Thursday March 28th to a luck warm greeting, shoppers arriving early excepting to wait in line were surprise to see that they were the only ones there! Reviews for the department stores have been mixed with some shoppers feeling prices at the Canadian stores were higher than those of the American. Still I was curious and decided today would be the day I went in and checked it out for myself.  I was surprisingly…..unimpressed!

I went in through the mall entrance and the first thing I noticed was the smell. It’s not that the store smelled bad or gross or anything but there just seemed to be this funk in the air. Best way to describe it would be as “new car smell”, is it possible to have a “new store smell”? Second thing I noticed was the layout which appeared to be in a circular format with ladies apparel, shoes and accessories right in the middle of the first floor, with storage, school supplies, appliances and check out around it. I couldn’t help thinking how strange it was the fact men’s, boys and girls apparel and beauty was on the second floor. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have all those related sections grouped together on the same floor? I’ve never been to the American stores and can’t compare the pricing between the two but I found the prices here to be quite reasonable and if I’m o be completely honest the pricing was the only thing I did find impressing about the store. The shoes, clothes and accessories were, for lack of a better word…meh. In fact the only items in the store that did peek my interest were the Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Making Kit, the Jelly Belly snow cone syrup, the Jelly Belly cotton candy machine and the Jelly Belly snow cone machine (can you tell I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and  a love for anything Jelly Belly. Best jelly bean brand ever! Just saying).

After a while of walking around the ladies section for a while I did manage to find something worth trying on. The fitting rooms were easily visible which in my book is a huge check because nothing annoys me more than having to search for fitting rooms in a department store. I absolutely loved these fitting rooms! I can’t explain it, they were just so spacious and yet intimate at the same time. Much more spacious than a lot of stores fitting rooms which made me wonder, why are other fitting rooms so small? Each change room had three hocks and two mirrors; a narrow full length in the front right beside the door and wall length mirror at the back, which allowed you to view both your front and back side at the same time. How genius is that? It seems trivial but it really does make a difference, not having to twisting your head like an owl just to see how something looks on you from behind. It’s hard to believe other stores haven’t figured that out by now.

All in all it wasn’t a terrible trip, as I did walk away with a cute beige peplum top and a black skirt with a full length lace overlay. I wouldn’t disagree with those that a say Target is just like Wal-mart, with Target being slightly better in my eyes as I actually found clothes worth purchasing there which is something I’ve never managed to do at Wal-mart. I don’t see myself returning there any time soon though and I doubt it will be a store I’ll incorporate into my regular shopping trips. At best it will be a store of convenience if nothing else.

So, does Target hit its mark? No, for me it just misses the mark. Of course this is just one fashionista’s opinion, I encourage all other to go out and experience it for themselves and draw their own opinion of it. Do you agree with my review of Target? Write to me in the comment section and share your experience shopping there, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Shopping!


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