Spring Trend: Shorts!


One of my favorite things to look forward to as the weather warms up is ditching my jeans. As wrong as it sounds I don’t like wearing pants and given the option I’d much prefer lounging around in shorts. (Actually wearing shorts now, as I write this). Fortunately for me and other short enthusiasts, shorts are one of spring’s hottest trends right now! This season were seeing them in different lengths and styles, and range from casual to elegant with a variety of diverse choices. Choose from bicycle, boyfriend and micro-mini, opt for bold prints or matchy –match in a chic short suit, whatever your preference you can’t go wrong.

One style that’s hugely popular this season is the Bermuda shorts, be prepared to see these bad boys around town. This style is very versatile, worn in a distressed fashion with a T makes for a great casual look, pair it with structured blazer and you raise its level of sophistication making it office appropriate. Shorts suit, a feminine take on menswear, is still hugely popular this season as they are purposeful, versatile and office appropriate.

If you are like me and Bermuda shorts aren’t your cup of tea, never fear! For all the refinement shorts have undergone this season, cute and girly short shorts are still a must have. Look for them in electric hues or in super short sexy style. If you do opt for the super short sexy still be mindful that you are wearing these in public and that no one wants to see the moon in the middle of the day, if you catch my drift.

Every year the short trends become more versatile, with designers experimenting with different options. I can’t wait to see what the next seasons will bring.


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