Save the Seals


For the most part the fashion world is an easy going, fun and creative industry. It doesn’t take its self too seriously which is one of the many things I love about it, but that doesn’t mean deal with or has its share of serious problems. As fun and unfun and uncomfortable as these topics might be I feel its important to talk about the, because only then can we deal and possibly solve them.

One of these issues that I  feel strongly against is the commercial seal hunt. It’s the largest annual slaughter of marine animals on earth with more than 2 MILLION being killed in 10 years! Each year defenseless baby harp seals (98% are under 3 months old) are hunted down, beaten, shot, bludgeoned and skinned all in the name of “fashion”(how anyone could kill something with a face like that is beyond me). Fur is seen as a luxury, a status symbol to show everyone that you’ve “made it” but if people knew they were were wearing the fur of a 25-day old fuzzy little seal I doubt they would be quick to show of that coat or hat. But a lot of people don’t know really think about what it takes to make their fur coat and this is why I am writing about it. The more people become  become aware of this problem the more support we can get to end the slaughter once and for all!

Thanks to Humane Society International’s campaign against the seal slaughter has driven down demand for harp seal products. Pelt prices continue to decline, as of last year pelts were priced at a mere $22 dropping $75 dollars from six year before when it was priced at $97. Countries, business and citizens around the globe are saying no to seal products, no to seal, no to seal cruelty and I hope you will too.

Sadly this years seal hunt has already begun and hundreds of innocent  baby seals are needlessly being killed. I’m not just a fashionista, I’m an animal activist too and as long as I had a platform I could not, would not let an opportunity to educate people about this issue go by. Hopefully I’ve done that. Please help us shut down Canada’s (as a Canadian I’m disgusted that this is happening in my country) commercial seal slaughter once and for all!

Side note: I would just as appalled if it were happening to another animal, this has nothing to do with the cuteness of the animal and everything to do with doing whats right.


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