Mullet Style

The mullet haircut has got to be the ugliest hairstyle in the world! Whenever I think of it, I instantly think hillbilly. I don’t know who first came up with this look but they should be charged with crimes against humanity. Ironically the mullet style was a major hair bust but in fashion is a major do.

Mullet style dresses and skirts are showing up everywhere this season and are looking super cute! I absolutely love this trend. With it being short in the front and long in the back it makes for a very playful, sexy and feminine look. It’s actually always been around (I actually wore one to my prom, which was four years ago!) with stars randomly popping up in one to some red carpet event. They’ve mostly just been in formal wear but were starting to see them a lot more in casual pieces this season. Though not always well received, due to some people feeling it looks weird, which it can if done right, like most trends its about doing properly.

The key to getting this look right (in my opinion) is making it flow; thought the hemline is short in the front and long in the back it should still be one hemline. Having it two separate hemlines usually makes it look weird because it looks like your trying to combine two different dresses together. Of course this isn’t necessarily a rule, I have seen some dresses where instead of the back becoming longer at the same hemline it started at the hip and actually looked really nice that way too.

Separate hemlines. Looks like two dresses trying to be combined

One hemline. Flows better

Another thing to remember is that the back should be wider than the front. This just looks better and gives the back some flow, which is the whole purpose of the trend. Having the back width the same or narrower than the front kind of makes it look like the dress had extra fabric that you didn’t know what to do with so you attached it on your butt. It just looks off, like a long tag sticking out of you dress. From the back it looks okay and like it belongs but not from the front, and that’s what really matters. Can’t walk backwards all night just so your dress makes sense.

Same width as front – looks off

The key to this trend, like with any other is wearing it right. Of course even worn correctly some people will never be a fan, but like it or not there in this season and are everywhere! And it’s not just sticking to dresses either; the mullet style is seen on skirts and even tops. I actually have a top that features this style that looks super cute, if I do say so myself.

Hate it or love, the mullet style is here to stay and I couldn’t be happier! That is to say in clothes, the mullet style in hair can go die. Ha!


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