1928 Jewelery Co. Creates Downtown Abby Inspired Line


Pieces from 1928 Jewelry Co. Downtown Abby line.

If you’re a Downtown Abby fan, you’ve probably watched the show and longed for an opportunity to wear some of the amazing dresses that your favorite characters do. Well thanks to 1928 Jewelry Co. fans will get an opportunity to don jewels like the characters, the company has inked a license with the show on a collection with jewelry and accessories inspired by the show! The line will consist of about 36 boxed styles and 70 carded styles of necklaces, earrings, hair pins, and broaches, princes will range from $22 – $38. The collection is expected to come out in the fall and will sold at Macy’s, Amazon.com, specialty retailers as well as U.K department stores House of Fraser, Debenhams and John Lewis.

The brand was already familiar with the show’s costume designer Caroline McCall, as she would go to local department stores and 1928 was always the go- to brand whenever she needed vintage jewelry in the U.K. Christina Lovejoy, 1928’s design director, told WWD. “There was a lot of mutual respect there because we were already seeing our work on the show. It really was a fantastic match.” It really is! But even if the show hadn’t used their pieces in the show before, it would still be a fantastic match.

Downtown Abby is period drama taking place in the years leading up to WWI and focuses around the Crawley family an aristocratic family and their servants. 1928 Jewelry Co. creates collections that are designed to respect the details of period pieces while offering fresh design interpretations to fit today’s styles and fashions. Period drama show + vintage-inspired fashion jewelry makers = match made in heaven! Finally math I can actually do, lol.

I’m not an avid watcher of Downtown Abby and only tune in every once in a while but even I’m excited for this collection as I am a huge fan of that fashion period, and really who wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to wear aristocratic styled jewels without the aristocratic prices? As a huge fashion history buff 1928 is slowly becoming my new obsession, their styles are simple and charming, elegant and classy, bold and dramatic or quirky and unique; I believe this is the brand that can restore my love for accessories! Now to find a store in Canada that carries it, if anyone knows of one send their info this way! 🙂


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