R.I.P Ottavio Missoni

Ottavio Missoni

Ottavio Missoni (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sad news to report today, Ottavio ‘Tai’ Missoni co-founder of the family fashion house Missoni  died during the night at the family home in northern town of Sumirago in Northern Italy. He was 92.

Ottavio started his career as an international athlete and compete as a member of the 400 meter hurdles team in the 1948 London Olympic. This is where he met his wife and future business partner Rosita. The pair married in 1953 and made track suits and later making knitwear collection that they debut in Milan in 1958. The designers caught the attention of the fashion world that was turning away from high fashions towards “ready-to-wear” style and thanks to the support of Anna Piaggi, stylist Emmanuella Khanh and editor Diana Vreeland, the brand became a huge success.

The brand that is best known for creating the no-bra look and revolutionizing textile patterns with its trade mark zigzag patterns is now a dynasty that designs everything from sweaters to sheets to hotels.  Today it is run by the founders children and grandchildren, the company employs about 250 people and in 2011 had revenue of more than $197.60 million.

4 months earlier while aboard a light aircraft his oldest son Vittorio Missoni, daughter in law Maurizia Castiglioni along with four fellow passengers all disappeared off the coast of Venezuela while on holiday. It is still unknown what has happened to the passengers or the aircraft and though it is believed they are dead the seach still continues.

R.I.P Ottavio Missoni 1921-2013


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