Revlon Nail Art: Expressionist and Moon Candy Product Review


left: Expressionist Night & Degas, right: Moon Candy Galactic

I came across Revlon Nail Art Expressionist and Moon Candy while flipping through a magazine shortly after posting my DIY: Life Saver Inspired Nails, talk about coincidence. I have naturally long nails and therefore have developed a fondness for experimenting with nail art/design, so when I discovered these two products I was very excited to try them out.

Both Revlon Nail Art Expressionist and Moon Candy are a two in one combination. Expressionist comes with a base coat in one color and a regular nail brush and on the other side has a complimentary color and a special thin nail brush to create your nail art. Moon Candy contains one base coat on one side and a 3D effect on the other both the same color and containing a regular nail brush. Both Expressionist and Moon Candy come in a variety of colors (I tried Expressionist Night & Degas, and Moon Candy Galactic) and cost $10.00 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I tried Expressionist on my toe nails and tried to create a cute little bow tie design but failed miserably. Attempts to create other designs like a checkered pattern or lighting bolt resulted in the same. It was a miserably frustrating experience and left me feeling very unimpressed. Since I don’t believe in wasting my time writing bad reviews I’m just going to move on…

I had a better experience using Moon Candy. The base color was a navy blue that was absolutely beautiful, I loved it and even if it didn’t come with the 3D effect I’d purchase the color alone, the 3D comic effect was just icing on the cake. I did a simple design just the base shade with the 3D effect over top. Of course there are several other designs you can create but I’m actually really happy with the way this one came out. I can’t help but smile and think “how pretty” every time I look down at my nails. My only problem with it was I found the application of the base color a little frustrating. I don’t know why but I found I could never get enough polish on my brush and had to apply color several times in order to get a solid coat. I also notice shortly after applying it was starting to chip, which I find strange because it held up pretty being exposed to nail polish remover while I was removing Expressionist off my toes so maybe I just didn’t apply enough top coat to that nail.


look close enough you can see the 3D effect šŸ˜›

Final thoughts on both are: for $10.00 Expressionist isn’t worth the price especially when there are similar products out there that cost much less, that might do as good a job or better. Moon Candy I would buy again and would recommend others buy but I’d personally wait till it went on sale. Maybe I’m cheap but $10.00 is a little expensive for nail polish!

That’s just one fashionista’s opinion, I don’t expect people to solely take my word for it. Try it for your selves, make up your own opinions and share your findings! Agree, disagree? Let me know


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