Summer 2013 Trend: Bright Color and Bold Prints

Color & PrintA huge trend were seeing this summer is monochromatic, black on white is everywhere and in every pattern! Checkered, stripes on shoes, skirts, shirts you name it, and though monochromatic is nice it doesn’t necessarily scream summer. Fortunately Ms. Monochromatic has a sister tagging along this season named Ms. Bright Color and along with her hot date Mr. Bold Print they are quickly becoming the talk of the party! (okay, I’m going to drop this analogy now)

On the color side colors like; tangerine, lime green, fuchsia, bright yellow, and red are taking in over in pastel or bright saturated tones. With prints bold floral, nautical, geometric and abstract are all the rage! This trend has summer written all over it, and despite how it appears can be worn by anyone even the wall flowers can get in on the fun. Trends like this tend to put people into three categories; you got the color/print shy, color/print curious and your color/print daring.

Color/Print Shy – people who tend to “play it safe” when it comes to fashion usually dressing in head-to-toe neutrals. If you happen to be one of these people but you want to get in on the trend a great way to do so would be through accessories. Adding a colored shoe or bracelet or a printed bag to an outfit is a great way to make it pop.

Color/Print Curious – these people are a little more daring than the color/printed shy, though not scared to try prints or colors they aren’t they aren’t necessarily ready to go all in. They have no problem wearing a colored jacket or printed shorts but they’ll still play it safe by pairing it with a neutral. With them it’s either prints in an outfit or color not usually both.

Color/Print Daring – these are your all in girls, your “show offs” if you will. These are the people most likely to wear the outfit above. They have no problem wearing prints and bright colors together, walking around like rainbow bright and actually pulling it off! This takes major confidence and an excellent eye for color matching. The key here is to match your colored item with a color in the print, for example the fuchsia jacket works with the dress because of the pink in dress print as does the shoes. It all ties together!

So which one are you? I myself am color/print curious. Play around with color and print this season and discover which category you fall into but really don’t worry so much about it. As long as you were the trend in the best way that expresses you who really cares “what” you are? At the end of the day that’s what fashion is all about



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