Designer Daddies

With tomorrow being Father’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to look at all the male designers who’ve managed to take the fashion world by storm all while helping to raise a family!

slideshow_std_h_Andrew_Lauren_Ricky_Lauren_Ralph_Lauren_Dylan_Lauren_and_David_LaurenRalph Lauren

Best known for his active wear and Polo collection, Ralph Lauren has three children; Andrew, Dylan and David. Out of the three only daughter Dylan has followed in her fathers footsteps making her career at Polo.

Rag & Bone

Both David Neville and fashion partner Marcus Wainwright, the designers behind the brand,are proud fathers. David has two kids, Dash & Grey with Revlon’s creative director Gucci Westman and last year Marcus became a proud father of a little girl born the morning of their Fall 2012 show!

Billy Reidbillyreidandfamily

Winner of the CFDA’s Menswear Designer of the Year for 2012, Billy Reid has three children; Abigail, Walton and Madeleine. Reid splits his time between New York City and a small town in Alabama where his children live.

Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has five kids, the most recent being a son born in September 2009. Out of the five only Ally Hilfiger has followed in her father’s footsteps creating her own label NAHM, a collection of dreamy shirt-dresses she co-designs with partner Nary Manivong.

maar-missoni-outtakes-family-picture-hOttavio Missoni

Although recently departed, it wouldn’t seem right to talk about designer dads without mentioning Ottavio Missoni. Along with his wife Rosita he created the Missoni label back in 1953, since then it has not only become a major fashion house but a family affair. All three children; Vittorio, Angela and Luca assume control of Missoni and his granddaughter Margherita designs accessories. Ottavio didn’t just have a family he created a fashion dynasty!


Being the child of a fashion designer must have some really great perks, (all those great clothes!) but it must also have its down side. Raising a family all while creating designs, running a business and putting together fashion shows a lot of family time must have been sacrificed for it. So on behalf of all those who love these designer and all the other designer dads not mentioned, we owe your family a huge ‘thank you’ for if it wasn’t the support of their family all these amazing clothes might not have been created.

Whether hes a fashion designer, a welder, lawyer or whatever else he is always first and foremost our dad! The first man a little girl every loves and the first hero to a little boy. For all they do for us, show your daddy some love tomorrow!



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