Winterizing Your Skin – Tips to keep it protected all season long!!


*apologizes for not posting in while, life kept me busy but like winter I am back with a vengeance!! Well maybe not winter, hopefully not, but I sure am. *

My first post back is all about protecting your skin from winter’s harsh affects, a post that couldn’t be more appropriate especially on a day like today with it being the first snow fall. (At least it was here in Mississauga.) With help from everybody favorite Esthetician, Ms. Cori Barrotta, I came up with great tips to help keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful all winter long!!

When it comes to skin care during the winter months it’s really all about moisturizing and exfoliating! The constant change of cold winter wind being blasted in our faces with the then sudden change of heat blasting our faces can leave our skin very dry, so the majority of these tips will be focused around moisturizing and keeping your skin hydrated. Under all those layers of clothes we can tend to forget we’ve got skin there and can be neglectful so the other important tip is to exfoliate to keep that skin soft and smooth.


Nothing really changes for your face regimen except for the type of moisturizer you use, were going to trade in our lighter summer moisturizers for ones that are a little heavier and richer. Still look for ones that contain SPF in them because even though Mr. Sun isn’t doing a lot of warming these days he can still reach us and cause some damage, just ask anyone whose gone skiing all day and have come back looking like a reverse raccoon. Try to exfoliate every two weeks; according to Cori this is the time of year that’s great for more invasive spa treatments, like your peels and micros. But what I really wanted to mention here is your lips!! Probably the most overlooked part of the body but so important this time of year, what with all the mistletoe lying in wait, we’ve got to keep those puppies soft and kissable. Like the rest of our face we want to remember to exfoliate and moisturize. Now I know what you’re thinking, how do I exfoliate my lips? It’s actually not that hard or painful as one might think; before or after you brush your teeth take your tooth brush, wet it a little bit, and SOFTLY brush over them. Key word being softly I don’t want you to scrub them like you would your teeth but just a soft brush over, this will help remove any dead skin that might be building up and NEVER, EVER pick, peel or bite the dead skin off. I know it’s tempting too but doing so can cause little rips on your lips that are painful. To keep those newly exfoliated lips soft and healthy looking remember to moisturize by which I mean using Chap Stick. I recommend either Blistex or Baléa both contain SPF 15 in them and protect against wind and cold.

Body, Hands & Feet

Again here all were doing is swapping our light summer body lotions for a heavier, richer body butters. Look for ones that contain Shea Butter, Jojoba oil and Hyaluronic acid these ingredients are great for keeping your skin moisturized and nourished all day long. A great tip is to apply your moisturizer right after you’ve stepped out of the shower and are still a little wet. The pores are really open at this time and ready to absorb the moisturizer. Great body treatments to do this time of the year are body scrubs (for exfoliating), body wraps (for extra moisture), laser treatments i.e. laser hair removal and cellulite treatments so you are hair and dimple free for summer.

When moisturizing the rest of your body don’t forget your hands and especially your feet, another over looked body part. You don’t necessarily need to purchase cream specifically for your hands, your body butter can work do double duty; but be careful about applying it to your feet. Moisture in cool dark places can lead to fungus a common problem with feet, there are some creams specifically for feet that are designed with this problem in mind but honestly if you just apply a light amount and let your feet dry before putting on your shoes you should be fine. I use regular body cream on my feet and I’ve never had any problems. A great treatment this time of year for hands and feet is to add paraffin to your regular Mani and pedis, it doesn’t cost that much more but it will leave your hands feeling so soft and smooth and is great for dry skin. For those of you who have never had this treatment before it’s fairly simple; first they melt the paraffin wax, once it’s become liquefied they place your hand or foot in the wax and let it coat your entire hand/foot. They then wrap plastic wrap around the body part, to keep the moisture in and then place it in a little glove (for your hands) or booties (for your feet) to ensure it stays warm. After 5 min the wax hardens and is ready to be removed, leaving your skin baby soft!


Final stage of paraffin wax treatment

‘Tis the season for moisturizing and exfoliating! Exfoliate maybe every two weeks and moisturize every day. Itchiness is a sign of dehydration, so if you’re ever feeling itchy and something hasn’t bitten or if your lips are feeling sore, you it’s your body’s way of saying its thirsty, listen to it!! Dry ashy skin is never in. But remember the best way to keep your skin protect from the harshness of winter is to wear the proper attire!! Moisturizing and exfoliating can only do so much, it’s up to us to supply that added protection; hats, scarves, mitts/gloves and yes even boots (when the weather calls for them) are a must!! There also a great way to get out there and enjoy winter, because really people if were dressed for it winter isn’t actually all that bad.

And there you have it great tips to winterize your skin and keep it protected all season long!!


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