My Best Friend Katie

My new best friend Katie is flirty, sexy but elegant, trendy and very feminine. Which is why we get along so great because she complements me so well. Now I know what you’re thinking, “it’s great you have best friend and all but why are telling me about her on a fashion blog?” well the answer is because Katie isn’t a person…it’s a store!


I fell in love with Katie this past winter. I was working seasonally at the mall, the place I was working for had a dress code of white shirts and jeans. I was desperately running out of white shirts to wear so I decided to do some shopping after work, I had gone to my usual hunts without much luck and decided to try Katie on whim. It was my second time every going to Katie, the first being 2 years ago will out shopping with girlfriends, at that time I thought the place was cute which compelled me to go in the first place but for some reason I didn’t really pay it much attention. We went in browsed and left. The second time I was skeptical I would find anything, for some reason I was sure everything would be really expensive. I’m not sure why I had that feeling, maybe it’s the expensive boutique look the store has or maybe I picked up one expensive item my first trip and assumed the rest of the store would be expensive, but in fact Katie is incredibly affordable!


White ruched one shoulder beaded angle sleeve top


Beaded sleeve detailing

With the assumption everything would be overly expensive I immediately went to the clearance section, and found this adorable white ruched beaded one angle sleeve top. It was adorable! And at a really great price too, they were having a sale everything in the store; exception bags, scarves and belts, 50% off. Original price $19, I got it for $10! I went back today because it was my day off and when a fashionista has nothing to do she might as well go shopping 😛 As fall is approaching (I know depressing thought, summers barely begin) my main objective for the trip was to find jeans. But I couldn’t resist visiting my new best friend and let me tell you it was an excellent visit. They again were having a sale, everything in the store with the exception of scarves, bags, belts and already on sale items were buy one get one 50% off. I walked out with two adorable, elegant and very original dresses for $30, talk about awesome!! The first was a white sleeveless silk flared bottom with polka dot mesh top detail with a key whole back, original price $16.99 at 50% i got it for $8.50, the other was a red sleeveless, low back with lace detailing priced at $18.99.

Both times the sales associate were friendly, personally greeting me and anyone else that walked in the store and informing everyone about the promotions.Even today when the sales person was on the phone when she saw me she smiled and waved and made sure I knew she had seen me. It’s a quite store though more people came in today than my first visit I was the only really shopping (suckers don’t know what their missing lol). I don’t usually like when I’m the only one in the store as some associates can give an “I’m watching you” creepy vibe but that wasn’t the case here. The sales people were very laid back not pushy but still very attentive to my need, they saw what I was looking at and made suggestions for other items I might also like and gave me ideas on how I might style it. Only complaint is that he mirrors are on the outside of the dressing room, I’ve never been a fan of that as I hate in any store as I hate having to come out for everyone to gawk, stare and judge me especially in clothing I’m not even sure I look good in myself. But other than that the selection, the pricing and the sales people are wonderful. I can’t wait to see go back for their fall collection!!


(close up) polka dot mesh detailing

Katie started out as a small retail stand in Toronto’s China Town, by 2000 it opened its first family ran women’s apparel store on Spadina Ave with another store following shortly on Queen St. W, Toronto’s fashion district. Today the company now has more than 15 stores in operation with locations including; Pickering Town Centre (Pickering), Dixie Outlet Mall & Erin Mills Town Centre (Mississauga), Eglinton Square, and Queen St W (Toronto) as well as recently opened U.S. locations including Palisades Centre (New York) and Garden State Plaza (New Jersey). Their vision is to bring not only the latest fashions to their customers but also unique styles which in my personal opinion they’ve done, all their clothing is unique and original as they only carry their own clothing line. The only complaint I would have about them is that their online presence needs seriously improving. You can currently follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram but to be honest I wouldn’t bother as all they are all in poor shape. Their Instagram has nothing posted, Pinterest has only on post and their last post for Facebook and Twitter was April of last year, somebody needs to tell head office that they need to get on that. Social media is an excellent way to connect with customers but not if you half ass it, in that case it’s probably better to not have any at all. And don’t get me started on their website! Until recently I didn’t even though they had changed their website, Facebook is still advertising their old one, until I noticed the new one their tag! Their old website was more colourful and fun but their new one is more organized and has the option of shopping online which is always awesome! The link in this blog will get you to Katie’s new website. It really is too bad their online presence is so pathetic because it really is a good store, they could really become the nationwide brand they want to be and I think they could be if they utilize that avenue better. Hopefully this review will give them the extra attention I believe they deserve, though it pains me some to share my special secret, somethings are just to good to keep quite. My new best friend Katie is just one of those things.


satin sleeveless flared dress with polka dot mesh detailing (belt not included)


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