About Me

Welcome to 5ft Fashionista!

I’m Nora the awesomely creative and fashionable creator of this blog. I’m a Fashion Stylist with a certificate from George Brown College. I am absolutely in love with the fashion industry and everything related to it. I have a lot of opinions about it and after months of talking my friends ears off with them I decided to take it to the web, to share with other fashion lovers and so here we are!

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m the 5ft Fashionista…yes I really am 5 ft tall (oh shut up!) This blog is more than just a fashion girls ode to herself and all the awesome outfits she can come up with (I won’t be posting any of my outfits, that’s just narcissistic). This blog isn’t about me it’s about the fashion industry! It includes fashion related news, trends, styling tips and shopping reviews…you know all the fun stuff!

I totally encourage you to share you opinions and disagree with me if you like just don’t be insulting because nobody likes hatters.



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